Mission Critical Software for Hospitality

Elevate your business with analytics-driven management. Discover how our platform brings precision to your inventory and insights into every cup.

Unlock the future of cafe excellence

Tailor-made for cafes and roasteries, our inventory management software simplifies your operations, from bean to brew. Experience efficiency that enhances your craft and your bottom line.

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World-class support

Hospitality isn't 9-5 and you need a system which works when you do.

All major POS supported

Sales, COGs, Labour reporting

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Mobile and desktop app

Why Edify?


We know the pain of bad software, first hand.

Edify has been founded by Ed Barry, a leading cafe owner in London who has faced the problems which come with software which doesn't work.


We're trusted by the worlds leading brands.

Companies such as Pret-a-Manger, Blank Street and hundreds of others trust us to streamline their operations.


Engineered for excellence

Edify seamlessly integrates advanced analytics and inventory management, specifically designed for the unique needs of cafes and roasteries.

Don't just take our word for it


Customer satisfaction

98% of our customers would recommend us to their friends — join the community that's making the smarter choice.


Orders placed per year

Edify saves you hundreds of hours each year by automatically placing orders and removing the need for portals, text messages and phone calls.


Reduction in operational effort

We reduce the time needed to get the basics done, allowing you to focus on the things which matter.

It has never been easier to streamline your business

Edify helps businesses across the world of hospitality with its cutting edge features

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Run your operations on autopilot, with streamlined stock taking, checklists and inventory management


Centralise your orders from in store, online and your cafes, allowing you to roast with ease.

Production Kitchens

Streamline your production with easy ordering from internal and external customers.

How does Edify help my cafe?

Edify has been built from the ground up to support businesses like yours, by people who know how hard it can be when your barista doesn't turn up.


Easy Ordering

We bring all your suppliers under one roof, integrating with Portals, WhatsApp, Phone Calls and more, allowing you to order your products like any other website - regardless of the method of ordering.

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Analytics which matter

With Edify, effortlessly delve into your Cost of Goods Sold (COGs), gain insights into your margins, labor costs, and discover strategies to boost your profits. Say goodbye to overwhelming data overload! 

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Proper inventory management.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! With Edify, effortlessly monitor stock levels across all your locations in real-time and automate ordering based on your inventory levels.

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Take control of your business. Chat to us today.