We're Edify.

Edify is a team of passionate industry professionals, from all areas of technology and hospitality helping to grow businesses like yours and give you the insights you need to succeed.

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The story behind how our company was founded

Edify has been started in 2021 by Ed Barry, Ed developed Edify, a streamlined software to tackle the inefficiencies of back-of-house systems in the UK's hospitality sector, initially for his chain, Over Under.

Recognising its broader potential, he saw it could save time, improve control, and simplify operations for staff across all coffee shops and cafes. Born from frustration, Edify aims to ease operations for the industry, allowing businesses to focus more on growth.

The values that shape everything we do at Edify


Be Bold

We show up and give things a go, confidently and courageously


Be a Lifelong Learner

We're constantly learning, sharing information, striving to improve ourselves and how we do tings.


Be Kind, Open & Honest

We listen to each other respectfully and give each other constructive feedback in the moment


Have Fun & Celebrate the Wins

Says it all!