Stocktake doesn't have to ruin your Sunday.

Manually counting your stock after a long shift is a headache, Edify streamlines this process and helps reduce errors.

It has never been easier to manage your inventory

Edify reduces the time your staff spend doing inventory by hours, saving you time and money

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Mobile and desktop app

Whether you're reviewing on your desktop, or working offline on our app, there's a Edify for everyone.

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Variance reports

Be clear on what's driving your variance, broken down by category

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Multi-User Support

Have all your staff doing inventory at once, no shared spreadsheets or lost pieces of paper

Monitor everything that comes in and out of your business, in realtime.

Planning & Budgeting

Our inventory management feature helps businesses effectively plan future orders and budget for expenses, make informed decisions about menu offerings, and minimise waste by providing real-time tracking of inventory levels, identifying items that need replenishing and monitoring expiry dates.

Clear Cost of Goods Sold (COGs)

Our system's powerful feature for accurately determining the cost of goods sold provides businesses with valuable financial insight, enabling informed decision-making around pricing and purchasing to optimise profit margins.

The numbers speak for themselves.


98% of our customers would recommend us to their friends — join the community that's making the smarter choice.


Over 1k checklists are completed every month on Edify, all auditable and compliant with local regulations


We reduce the time needed to get the basics done, allowing you to focus on the things which matter.